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We are the exclusive Hungarian partner of BBN, the world’s B2B agency

BBN International is a B2B agency operating 61 offices in 32 countries. The organisation has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise over the past three decades. This global agency comprises peer partners working in a matrix organisation (structured along geographical, industrial and project-based cooperation), using proven methodologies and tested tools in helping its clients to implement international campaigns, while its structure allows it to better respond to local market needs.

BBN is owned by local agencies, who were granted partnership based on their knowledge and expertise. These strong local agencies with entrepreneurial mindset provide our clients with the same agility in their projects.

The 61 offices are interconnected through a global platform and are jointly, diligently building it as the bees are building the hive. The basis of the common work is called the Navigator, which is the world’s one and only integrated B2B marketing tool. Our service matrix model and this toolkit ensure that our clients enjoy the most comprehensive services possible.


– Vásárlói utak
– Tartalomaudit
– Versenytárselemzés
– Marketing célok
– Célcsoport,


– Kommunikációs stratégia
– Tartalomstratégia
– Digitális stratégia
– KPI-ok meghatározása


– Márkanév ötletek
– Martech választás
– Kommunikációs koncepciók


– Kommunikációs terv
– Tartalomgyártás, terjesztés
– Implementáció, képzés
– Stílus, hangvétel


– Analitika
– KPI-ok mérése
– Social monitoring

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